Improvements in technology have helped drive down costs.  Should your organization choose a conventional or intelligent fire alarm system?  The answer is easy…it depends.  It depends on the building you are looking to have the system installed in.  Best utilized for smaller applications, a conventional fire alarm remains a viable fire protection solution.  The main difference between conventional and intelligent fire alarm systems is that with intelligent fire alarm systems, you can pinpoint exactly which device has been activated.  Conventional systems are not able to provide exact details of the event.

Ideal uses for conventional fire alarms include:


Small Schools







A conventional fire alarm system uses one or more circuits, connected to sensors wired in parallel. Each device is connected to the control panel with its own wire.  You will find one end of the wire connected to the device, and another connected to the control panel. The main advantage of the conventional fire alarm system is that they are cost effective for the smaller applications.