A fire hydrant is a fixture designed to provide firefighters with a ready supply of water in the event of a fire. It is typically a pipe with a valve and outlet, located at street level and connected to an underground water supply.   

Fire hydrants are often located in urban areas and are identified by their bright colors, typically red, yellow, or orange. They are installed at regular intervals along streets and are often marked with numbers to aid firefighters in locating them quickly in an emergency.  

In order to use a fire hydrant, firefighters typically use a special tool called a hydrant wrench to open the valve and access the water supply. The water pressure from the hydrant can be used to fill fire trucks or to provide a direct supply of water for firefighting activities.

Fire hydrants are an important part of fire safety infrastructure and are essential for ensuring that firefighters have access to a reliable source of water in the event of an emergency. Proper maintenance and inspection of fire hydrants are also important to ensure that they are in good working order and can provide water when needed.